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Posted June 25, 2020 by Jennifer Walinga
Webinar - Building a Resilient and Thriving Organizational Culture

COVID-19 has introduced a new level of stress to all organizations, with so many of us adjusting to a new way of living and working. Many people, while feeling stressed and struggling to find a new work/life balance, will resort to common, but unsustainable, coping practices such as working harder and longer.

Posted June 15, 2020 by Michael Real
Dr. Michael Real: How the civil rights movement of the 1960s can help us today
I had the good fortune to work in the civil rights movement in the 1960s. As I look at what is happening now in America and beyond, it forcefully brings back to me some of the huge frustrations and problems, as well as the gratifying progress that over time made it all worthwhile. Are there lessons for today that we can take from those experiences?
Posted June 6, 2020 by Nina Grossman
Racism is here too, say Victoria’s black community leaders

Royal Roads Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication student and Royal Roads Afro-Heritage Association President Ruth Nakalyowa was interviewed by Victoria News about the Black Lives Matter movement and about racism in Victoria.

Posted May 22, 2020 by Karen Sequeira
David Black Webinar Conspiracy Theories

With COVID-19 has come a contagion of virus-related conspiracy theories too. In this webinar with Dr. David Black, we explore the common features of these conspiracy theories and how they can sometimes have a certain "logic" factor to them, despite their irrationality. We learn what conspiracy theory is, how it affects society, why it appeals to people and how it has long endured in Western culture.

Posted April 17, 2020 by Michael James
The YEG Makers

One of the greatest parts of going back to school is relearning how to learn.