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First Annual Conference on Communication Ethics

March 2, 2021
Karen Sequeira
SCC Conference on Communication Ethics 2021

Communication ethics matter more than ever. The ongoing escalation of the internet, the value of inclusive language, the need for truthful and transparent communication in public-health efforts, the complexity of data-driven media curation, and diverse other factors resoundingly reaffirm the role and potential of communication to make a difference as an ethical force in society (or a potentially unethical one).

The 1st annual Conference on Communication Ethics took place on February 24 & 25. For more details about the conference, topics, and presenter bios, check out the conference program.

Student-Led Plenary Sessions

The main conference was preceded by a 1-day student-led conference on February 23, bringing together students from Mount Royal University and Royal Roads University to discuss the role of communication ethics in contemporary communication practice.

These plenary sessions were designed and run by RRU MA in Professional Communication (PCOM 650) students sharing experiences from the Community of Practice journeys in a diverse range of topics.


Valerie Yu, Sophia Gould, Kelsie Fraser, Laura Nelson, and Lyndsey Barton

Representation matters. Having women in leadership roles is vital to all organizations and studies have shown that equal representation of women leads to increased representation across the board from other marginalized groups. Due to time constraints in the private sphere, the 2020 pandemic has created a “she-cession” where women are stepping back from their career paths, especially in leadership roles, creating a wicked problem that needs addressing (McKinsey, 2020). In this session, our panelists dive into how communities of practice can contribute to solving this ethical issue of under-representation of women in leadership. Learn more

Ethics in COVID-19 Vaccination

Stephanie Deol, Karen Haugen, Matt McConnell, Robyn Guenette

The SCC Communications Ethics Conference will bring together communication experts and subject matter experts in a social setting to allow our Community of Practice to share research, knowledge and pose topics related to the COVID-19 vaccines. This opportunity will build a mutual engagement around communication ethics experienced during the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. Learn more

In Pursuit of Pipeline Perspectives

Rebecca Tapiero, Morningstar Pinto, Melanie Kacic, and Chris Spencer

Our community of practice is in Pursuit of Pipeline Perspectives. Our passion for the environment - combined with our dedication to affect positive societal change through communications, have inspired us to consider and understand the ethical communications surrounding pipeline projects with a dedicated focus on the Canadian Trans Mountain Pipeline project. In this high-octane (pun intended!) interactive journey, we share our lived experiences and perspectives while exploring and shining a light on the communication practices of those invested financially, spiritually, and physically in the Canadian Trans Mountain Pipeline project. This plenary session – a personal journey of learning and growth – will enrich our lives and expand our minds as we explore the intersectionality of the human experience and the human story. Learn more


Val Lucas, Lisa Mayeski, Cheryl Maranda, Cheryl Robb, and Camille Oliver

Over the last 20 - 30 years, there has been a focus on gender equality rights with slow progress on behavioural changes. For that reason, using gender diversity as a case study, we will discuss the ethical considerations, skills, and capacity needed by communication professionals to build inclusive, respectful, and equitable organizations. Learn more