Thesis Titles




Emily CassFebruary 2018Stewards of the land, water and sky : Tsleil-Waututh Nation’s relationship with the Burrard inlet
Amanda AnnandJanuary 2018MINE: A public ethnography of the case of Minera San Xavier in Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico
Lindsay KwanJanuary 2018#AmWriting: how authors negotiate their individual creative labour on social media
Abby BlinchJanuary 2018But who's the man? Representations of sexuality and the feminist potential of orange is the new black
Melissa McCluskeySeptember 2017Digital dating in Kelowna, BC: Examining how women experience online dating in a small, Canadian city
Mark SolnokyAugust 2017Dear PETA: what the seal means to the Jerry Cans
Johanna WardAugust 2017Patient Confidential: Nurses' social media use in the 21st Century
Alina FisherAugust 2017From Trees to Bluebirds: The Impact of Engagement and Framing on the Communication of Conservation on Vancouver Island

Darby Semeniuk

August 2017

 Lean and in-between: Culture and Discourse in a Health-Care System Improvement Story

Karen Elgersma

October 2016

Community Television's Impact on Community

Jenny Fitzgerald

September 2016

Inclusive Internationalization: Engaging Stakeholders Within and Beyond the Classroom

Nicholas Pasquale

September 2016

Health literacy in Toronto: Applying the TOFHLA to Identify the Gap between Physician and Patient

David Deevey

September 2016

Social Media and Health Communication for Seniors

Amy Christenson

September 2016

Skylines and hemlines: A visual exploration of expatriate women’s negotiation and definition of appropriate dress in the changing cityscape of Doha

Rana Van Tuyl

September 2016

Safety culture in oil and gas: Factors that contribute to cultures of non-report

Lindsay Van Gyn

September 2016

Rendered Unconscious Feminism, Race and the NFL: The Ray Rice Scandal as a Site of Critical Inquiry

Melissa Fryer

August 2016

Influence of the Internet on children’s vaccination: Applying intercultural theories to analyze parental decision-making

Kim Meyer

August 2016

Digital Democracy: From Gutenberg to Gates

Lou Villahermosa

August 2016

Immigrant to Citizen: Reciting the Canadian Oath of Citizenship in a Multicultural Society

Patrick Higgins

August 2016

Explaining Explaining - A Phenomenological Study of Meaning Making

Yuna Jiao

August 2016

Caring for Ageing Parents in Canadian Nursing Homes: An ethnographic study on immigrant families’ experiences

Samantha EstoestaAugust 2016Iambic Identity: Multiracial Individuals and Ontological Inquiry through the Medium of Spoken Word Poetry