Professional Communication

The MA in Professional Communication program provides a broad understanding of communication as a human activity. Graduates will be able to function in environments that require effective team-work, adaptability, strategic planning, intercultural mediation, and a sophisticated understanding of interpersonal discourse. Additionally, they will excel in the integration of written and verbal communications with digital technologies.

The BA in Professional Communication program teaches three areas in order to prepare graduates for the communications workplace; practical skills, academic knowledge and professional development and combines a comprehensive overview of communications as an academic field with courses in professional writing, public relations, journalism, public speaking, organizational communication and new media. Graduates will be able to understand the fundamental concepts, tools, processes and techniques in communication and will have developed interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills.

Students will learn:

  • To build communications plans for organizations, and career plans for themselves.
  • All levels of production for communications tools such as videos, podcasts, press releases, talking points memos, press columns and news stories.
  • To craft a message effectively for different audiences across cultures and groups.
  • To conceive and carry out social research, market research, etc. with qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  • To build digital media profiles for individuals or organizations.
  • To apply ethics, social theory, and communications theory in real situations.
  • To use context specific writing skills for government and business situations.

Students will do:

  • Media work in scripting, directing and producing videos
  • Writing and editing business documents
  • Researching and writing journalism
  • Applied experience in real workplace environments

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