Careers in Communications and Culture

A career in communication  involves making, designing and moving messages within or between individuals, organizations, companies, NGOs, charities, societies, cultures, and media.

At the School of Communication and Culture, we believe that a communication professional must be a multi-faceted conduit, hub, and link. We develop global citizens, creative makers, ethical leaders, and critical thinkers who can foster high-quality human connections and leverage communication channels, mechanisms, and processes to achieve human, social, and organizational transformation. Learn more about:

As per the BC Labour Market Outlook (2018 edition): "It is forecast that there will be 903,000 job openings between now and 2028. The majority of these new job openings (70%) will be due to workers leaving the work force, mostly through retirement. While some older workers may choose to work a little past retirement age, there will not be enough of them to solve the expected shortage of workers."