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Top 5 Take-Aways from the CPRS Event

May 30, 2014
Dr. Chaseten Remillard
Tags: CPRSEvents

The Canadian Public Relations Society put on an amazing conference in Banff from May 25-27, that provided a wide variety of insights and perspectives on the practice of Public Relations and Professional Communication. Here are my top five take-aways from event:

5. Advice from Anna Kapiniari (Canadian Space Agency) on how she helped create the successful communications campaign behind Commander Hadfield's mission - "Stop Telling and Inspire!"

4. Recommended reading from Dan Tisch (President & CEO, Argyle Communications) - and Simon Sinek's Start With Why

3. Benjamin Morgan (RRU Graduate and current Supervisor, Crisis Communication, City of Calgary) tells us "It doesn't matter what tune you've practiced - the disaster will make you sing a different tune. A plan is about harmonizing together."

2. According to Todd Babiak, novelist and Director of Story Engine, the most powerful tool to shape successful communications is to tell a compelling story.

1. Gamification in three words: Feedback; Friends; Fun.