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Back from Bootcamp! All roads lead to Kisumu

October 21, 2014
Alison Osborne

As a girl who has known the privilege of an education, I am passionate about educating and empowering girls. I believe girls deserve an education that empowers them to create change within their community, but more importantly, we deserve to claim our own worthiness.

After traveling to Kenya a few years ago to volunteer in a school, I returned with a deep desire to do meaningful work with youth, but knew I hadn't had the framework then to create sustainable change. Since then, mentoring a group of leadership teens has humbled me, held me accountable to show up for others, and taught me the importance of serving rather than self-serving. I now envision a completely different trip to Kenya, one founded on listening to local needs, sharing my skills to empower myself and others. In essence, to be bold but tread lightly. 

I am partnering with Mama Hope and will be traveling to Kenya in January to build a girls school in Obunga, Kisumu's largest slum. This project will double the school's capacity and provide the girls a safe place to access a high quality education. Bonus: I'll also be able to complete my thesis research while I'm there! The founders, Erick and David, were raised in the slum and returned after university to catalyze change from the inside. They are developing a sustainable, high quality education model to improve gender equality and empower women. This includes employing female teachers, nurturing strong leadership, and character education.

I have committed to fundraising $20,000 towards Akili Preparatory School's building project. To donate please visit my fundraising page.

You can follow my journey on my blog: 

*Alison is currently a student in the MA in Intercultural and International Communication program.