Welcome to the School of Communication and Culture!

As the Director of the School, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our programs, our school and our beautiful campus. Royal Roads University is a public university offering innovative programs that link to our core values of environmental sustainability, social development, values-based leadership, and effective management.

I work to facilitate a strong fit for our communication programs within the university as a whole, and a strong linkage between our programs and the wider world. We believe that communication is integral to personal, organizational and social change because it provides creative channels, mechanisms and processes for transforming human thought and action. Communication is a constant, along with change, and offers the unique capacity to link individuals and communities as a means to facilitating both small and large scale human and social development.

Our aim in the school is to develop ‘critical and creative thinkers in professional contexts’ which means we believe in the value of integrating theory with practical application. We are confident that our students will emerge from their programs with new tools with which they can reflect upon, analyze and contribute insightfully to their social and professional communities.

As our students embark upon their program, I encourage them to seek the tools they need, but perhaps more importantly, to seek the clarity of purpose and values that will enable them to leverage these tools to their greatest capacity.


Dr. Julia Jahansoozi
Director, School of Communication and Culture