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Waiting for the wind to blow: The rhythm of everyday life off-grid

November 17, 2014

Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Public Ethnography Phillip Vannini is releasing his book, Off the Grid: Re-Assembling Domestic Life, this week.  

Vannini sat down with C-FAX host Ian Jessop to discuss how and why people live off the grid and share some of the day-to-day stories of off-gridders. He also shared some unexpected observations. 

"When you live off the grid, you become very involved in the way your house runs," he says. "If resources are not available, you just can't do certain things, you have to wait for the sun to shine or the wind to blow. Maybe you have to call the kids inside if it's a sunny day because it's a good time to play video games. It really changes the rhythms of your everyday life."

Listen in at 6:17.