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Tips for MAIIC Students Travelling To Castellon

October 13, 2016
Dr. Julia Jahansoozi

We are all getting rather excited, as we are getting closer to the start of our Overseas Residency in beautiful Castellon in Spain for our MA Intercultural and International Communication (Blended) students!  Recently we sent out some information about travel routes to Castellon - there are many ways to arrive in Castellon that it truly depends upon your favourite mode of transportation, your favourite airline if you are collecting points, or possibly the one with the best pricing. Also it could depend upon your favourite destination airport in Europe, especially if you have a bit of extra time to see some sights, say in Barcelona for example which has Gaudi’s amazing architectural delights at Parkguell and the Sagrada Familia and this way you could take the train from Barcelona directly to Castellon. Or if you have your heart set on going via Madrid to see the Museo del Prado or in English the fabulous Prado Museum (which is one of best art museums in the world) you could hope on a flight into Valencia and then take the train into Castellon or a taxi or car rental.

If you’d rather fly into London you could swing by and enjoy the world-class museums – I’ll be taking my 5 year-old son to the Natural History Museum which is truly amazing  (especially if you are interested in dinosaurs). If you didn’t know already the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum, the Science Museum, and the National Gallery, and many others are free!! Not to mention they have outstanding collections. And when you tire of London (if that is possible) you can hop on a Ryanair flight and arrive directly into Castellon's airport which is rather convenient!  But literately there are many ways to get to Castellon and I’d love to hear how you’d organize your travel (always on the look out for tips!) and what you’d consider very much worthwhile visiting!

Once in Castellon we’ll be very busy with course work and some fabulous field trips including these particularly interesting ones we’ve organized:

• Trip to Valencia. It includes a guided city tour.
• Trip to Morella. It includes a guided city tour and to ancient castle, including lunch.
• Ethnological museum in Almassora, including lunch (focus is on the local products suchas honey, oranges, olive oil and wine produced using artisanal and traditional methods).
• Spanish cookery course, including dinner, at Grao de Castellón.
• Guided visit to Castellón.
• Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Castellón.

I’ll also be bringing in some Spanish professors to discuss with our students various current issues within Spain and Europe in general, and if we are very lucky a Tango lesson by the fabulous YirajeTango’s Alenka Jelen-Sanchez and Pedro Ariel Sanchez (as well as guest lectures from them both).

If that wasn’t enough the weather is looking perfect for exploring Castellon and its environs with temperatures in March and into April ranging from 19 to 20 degrees centigrade. So very comfortable and no roasting temperatures unlike during the height of Summer!

But now comes the preparation for the courses we’ll be delivering / taking, and actually settling on our travel plans, finding accommodation, and learning some Spanish!