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Taking the leap to live off the grid

November 18, 2014

School of Communication and Culture Prof. Phillip Vannini speaks with B.C. Almanac host Mark Forsythe about his book and documentary film on life off the grid. 

"I was interested in what the future will be like," Vannini says of his motivation for pursuing the project. "We keep hearing that because of energy scarcity and rising prices, the future will be different. And I wanted to find out how people were dealing with these problems already, how they're making out with these renewable resources and technologies, and how their life is." 

The conversation between Vannini and Forsythe explores the challenges of living off the grid with a focus on British Columbians who make this unique lifestyle choice. Vannini discusses entire communities here in B.C. that are off-grid, De Courcy Island and Lasqueti Island for example. 

"If you move to one of these places, every home by default is off the grid," Vannini says. "It becomes really interesting because your neighbours are dealing with the same issues as you and you really start to see that local knowledge grow and people are starting to teach each other skills and run workshops. You can see that grassroots spirit, which is really a beautiful thing to see especially in kids."

You can listen to the interview on the podcast, "Nov. 18 Kinder Morgan protestors. Living off the grid." Listen in at 22:56.