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Student Thesis Titles

Here are a sample of some of our current student's thesis titles.

MA in Intercultural and International Communication

NameDate CompletedTitle
Samantha Estoesta5 August 2016Iambic Identity: Multiracial Individuals and Ontological Inquiry through the Medium of Spoken Word Poetry
Yuna Jiao12 August 2016Caring for Ageing Parents in Canadian Nursing Homes: An ethnographic study on immigrant families’ experiences
Lou Villahermosa22 August 2016Immigrant to Citizen: Reciting the Canadian Oath of Citizenship in a Multicultural Society
Amy Christenson 6 September 2016Skylines and hemlines: A visual exploration of expatriate women’s negotiation and definition of appropriate dress in the changing cityscape of Doha
Jenny Fitzgerald 29 September 2016Inclusive Internationalization: Engaging Stakeholders Within and Beyond the Classroom

MA in Professional Communication

NameDate CompletedTitle
Patrick Higgins16 August 2016Explaining Explaining - A Phenomenological Study of Meaning Making 
Kim Meyer23 August 2016Digital Democracy: From Gutenberg to Gates   
Melissa Fryer25 August 2016Influence of the Internet on children’s vaccination: Applying intercultural theories to analyze parental decision-making
Lindsay Van Gyn2 September 2016 Rendered Unconscious Feminism, Race and the NFL: The Ray Rice Scandal as a Site of Critical Inquiry
Rana Van Tuyl6 September 2016Safety culture in oil and gas: Factors that contribute to cultures of non-report
David Deevey8 September 2016Social Media and Health Communication for Seniors 
Nicholas Pasquale14 September 2016Health literacy in Toronto: Applying the TOFHLA to Identify the Gap between Physician and Patient
Karen Elgersma12 October 2016Community Television's Impact on Community