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Student Research

Todays’ students blur the boundaries between the university and the public. With one foot in academia and one foot in mainstream society, we believe that students offer insights into popular culture that can enliven social science research and invigorate our academic institutions. With an increase in blended, applied, part-time, and distance-learning graduate programs at Canadian universities, an influx of diverse, talented, and creative early- or mid-career professionals are bringing to these programs an array of skills and experiences.

Various forms of student expertise can be put to use in the creation of innovative and collaborative research products. Artists, musicians, photographers, broadcasters, journalists, consultants, designers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, bloggers, activists, and others are seeking graduate degrees, and many are hoping to leverage their talents by blending their educational and professional experiences.

The outcome of this can be innovative, stylish, and relevant projects that have appeal both inside the academy and also with the public. View some of our student work.

Other Student Projects

Climate change research

BA in Professional Communication student Celia Winters, worked with her cohort and peers from the School of Environment and Sustainability to create an interactive, animated visualization for a climate change resesarch project for her COMM400 project. Read more about the project here.

Harvesting Community

Craig Sorochan, a producer and documentary filmmaker, explores the thriving organic farming culture and food culture of British Columbia’s southwest coast in “Harvesting Community.”

While organic food production and consumption are increasingly mainstream, communication of the value of organic farming has been identified as a key challenge by many organic farmers, and this film bridges the communications gap between organic farmers and consumers. See the Harvesting Community film on vimeo, and visit the accompanying website.

From homeless to having a life

During the summer months, homeless people in the Kelowna area often look for shacks like these to shelter in. Royal Roads student Lori Turner profiles the work that Inn From The Cold is doing to reach out to people who experience homelessness. Read more about this project here.

To read more about student projects visit our Dspace site.