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Posted September 12, 2014 by Jenn Maxwell

The members of the School of Communication and Culture Advisory Council were recently asked to send us the title of their favourite book, or a book they’re reading right now.  Below is the collection of titles they shared with us.  Enjoy!

Posted August 28, 2014 by Julia Jahansoozi

Due to my father’s profession I was moved about a fair bit – Middle East, Europe, North America. Specifically, Iran, the United Kingdom, and Canada. And within these countries we also moved around.  As a result I am fairly comfortable with moving and change in general and was very excited about joining Royal Roads University, the School of Communication and Culture, and relocating back to Victoria from the UK. I thought it would be the simplest of moves to date.

Posted July 8, 2014 by Zhenyi Li

By three methods, we may learn wisdom.
First, by reflection which is noblest.
Second, by imitation which is easiest.
And third, by experience which is the bitterest.

Posted June 27, 2014 by Kimberly Pflieger

1. If you arrive in the spring, be prepared to endure peacock mating calls day and night.
2. Be prepared to work harder than you ever have in three weeks. Do not plan extra curricular activities. School work is your priority.
3. Think of residency as an exhaustingly intense and exhilarating experience. You will leave residency a changed person.
4. Attend the meet and greet with instructors and students. This is a chance to talk with your instructors on a personal level and get to know your fellow students.

Posted June 19, 2014 by Virginia McKendry

I have been serving as the program head for RRU’s BA in Professional Communication (BAPC) since 2010, when I joined the School of Communication and Culture faculty. It was my first formal administrative role in a university, a distinctly different kind of work than teaching or doing research, and my nearly one year of a college business administration program back in the age of the eight-track was not going to help me.