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Organizational Communication Live Case Challenge

Each year, we invite organizations to share their organizational communication challenges with our graduate students as a ‘live case’ assignment within their Organizational Communication course and as part of the requirement for their Masters of Arts degree in Professional Communication. We would welcome your participation!

The students research your organization and conduct their analysis. Two or more teams then present their analysis, recommendations and a communications plan to your organizational representatives in a formal presentation at RRU, usually in October.

What your participation would entail:

  1. Participate in a phone call or video interview with me to determine an organizational communication challenge that the org might be facing (i.e. building teams, building culture, establishing a reputation, addressing public concerns, engaging the public or the employees…)

  2. Attend an Organizational Communication Live Case Challenge virtual forum for 30 minutes with the students and I during which time you/your rep would explain the challenge and answer student questions.

  3. Answer questions or host visits from students over the following two weeks.

  4. Attend the final student presentations at RRU Centre for Dialogue (usually late October) where you will be given two or more teams’ analyses of your challenge, recommendations, and communications plan for implementation. You will be invited to ask questions after the presentations.

  5. Participate in a follow up phone call six months after the exercise to discuss the impact of recommendations.

2017 partner organizations:

Former participating organizations:

From a recent organizational communication challenge “client”:

"The whole process of presenting our "challenge" and hearing the final presentations, was beautifully organized, and it was interesting and thought-provoking for us to work with the students, several of whom now hold a special place in my heart! The input of your students was instrumental in encouraging us to re-design our website.  Some of the students re-worked our "promo" video and created the tag line we use and Shaw TV did a terrific story about us!".

For further information contact Julia Jahansoozi, Director, School of Communication and Culture.