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Bio (Steve Chinn, Chair)

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Steve Chinn, Chair


Independent Communications Consultant

Steve is an independent communications consultant working in the UK.  A typical project in the commercial sector involves looking at the effects of feedback culture on the ability of businesses to compete and innovate.  In the public sector, the a typical project question is how to achieve better representation of intrinsically complex issues (such as funding decisions on cancer treatments) in the headline-driven media.

Most of Steve’s career has been spent in advertising agencies, in the strategic planning function.  He has worked in senior roles at BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, and Mc-Cann Erickson.  Clients have included Procter & Gamble, Volvo, Nestle and Nescafe.  Since starting his own consultancy in 2007, he has continued to work for commercial clients, but focusses on public sector issues.  These he finds particularly engaging, as the problems they address often seem intractable – and, as a colleague has pointed out, making communication that works is like ‘hitting someone wearing a crash helmet over the head with a marshmallow’.  How, for example, to persuade men in their late teens and early twenties not to drink and drive?  Or impressionable teens not to smoke?  Or – a key issue of the day – how to address the problem of excess ambient drinking among the middle class-middle aged?

Steve has given guest lectures and run workshops in communication and brand strategy at London, Oxford Brookes and Stirling Universities.  It is something he finds particularly rewarding, and takes seriously.  He is currently a Visiting Lecturer in the Division of Media, Communication and Culture at Stirling University in Scotland.